Driving Fritzler’s cows home for the evening.

Harvesting Wheat

Thrashing hay 1941

Beet Harvest November 1942

Sugar Beet Labor

Setember 26, 1938 Aba Gaas grading farm ground.

Witty Paul Fritzler

Truck repairs

Hand written note on back of photo


Fritzler’s colts





1st Gr. 1922 class

Windsor High School at 900 Main Street

Windsor Junior High students

Name of 7th grade students in 1934

Park School 3rd Grade Spring Play

Students in 1924 play


Windsor Area Farming c.1920-40’s

Paul and Louise Fritzler

Fritzler boarding public work horses over the winter.

Note size of horses used for federal works projects boarded by Fritzler family during the winter.

Relaxing after long day on the farm.

Paul Fritzler’s notation and humor

Harvest 1934