“So Windsor was not founded—but like “Topsy” she just grew, not like a mushroom, but in a slow and substantial way.” –Roy Ray


The Society
The Windsor-Severance Historical Society is a non-profit organization founded in the 1970s after local community members organized to save the historic depot building from being torn down. Many locals such as Suzanne Rosener and Bob Hogan worked with the Town and railroad to move the depot building to its current location at Boardwalk Park and use the depot as a museum. The depot museum opened during Colorado’s Bicentennial year, inspiring the formation of the WSHS to preserve the buildings and heritage of Windsor and Severance.

The Towns of Windsor and Severance
The History of Windsor and Severance has been detailed in several local histories. Learn more about Windsor, Severance, and the area with these books, surveys, and documents:

“The Struggle for Identity: Windsor’s Historic Downtown” by Adam Thomas, Historitecture, LLC available at http://www.historitecture.com/pdf/windsor_survey_report.pdf

Available at the Windsor-Severance Library:

America Born on the Fourth of July, Windsor, Colorado Born in 1890: Stories on Windsor’s History by Windsor RE-4 School District 7th Grade Service Learning Students, 2001.

The Bulldog: Handbook of Windsor High School by Windsor High School, 1923.

A Condensed History of Windsor, Colorado by Mary Ann Hettinger, 1969.

Facts about Windsor in Colorful Colorado by Public Service Company of Colorado, 1964.

Footprints in the Sugar: A History of the Great Western Sugar Company by Candy Hamilton, 2009.

Highlights in the History of Windsor Colorado by Roy Ray, 1940.

A History of Windsor’s Library, 1906-2006 by Judy Hergert, 2006.

Recipes compiled by Windsor-Severance Historical Society, Inc., 1989.

Service Record Book of Men and Women of Windsor, Colorado and Community sponsored by the Forbes McKay American Legion Post No. 109, 1950.

Sugar Tramp: Colorado’s Great Western Railway by Gary Morgan, 1975.

Tales of Tailholt: The Story of Severance by Mary Alice Lindblad, 1985.

A Walk into the Past: 1988-1992 by Mary Alice Lindblad, 1992.

A Walk Through Windsor 1940-1980 by Mary Alice Lindblad, 1981.

Windsor, Colorado by Ross Edgar Bigelow, 1961.

The Wizard by Windsor High School, 1962.