Oral History Video Interviews

Videos from Windsor-Severance Historical Society Oral History Series.

Oral History Dolores Hergert August 2019

Oral History Manweiler’s  October 25, 2019

Oral History Bob Lind October 2019

Oral History Interview Al and Evey Andres September 2019

Oral History Interview with Bill Starck October 2019

Windsor Severance Volunteer Fire Department Firettes.

Oral History Sherron Brunner September 12, 2019

Oral History Lois and Bill Hettinger September 14, 2019

Oral History Ted Starck August 10. 2019

Oral History Larry Jacoby March, 2018.

See the full list of Oral History DVDs available at Windsor-Severance Library.

Remembering GrandmaFull DVD available from Windsor-Severance Library

History of the Windsor Flour MillFull DVD available from Windsor-Severance Library