For nearly 50 years, the Windsor Severance Historical Society (WSHS) has strived to promote the history of Windsor and Severance so that future generations will remember and understand our heritage. A heritage that houses a vital link to our everyday lives. Like you, we understand that preserving our past––educationally and culturally––is the best way to leave a legacy, and after years of fundraising, commemorated our largest achievement to date, “Coming Home” on June 29, 2017.

WSHS commissioned local sculptor artist Austin Weishel to create the nine-foot bronze, 750-pound monument depicting the  sugar beet, water and work history of the local area. 

The piece now proudly sits in Boardwalk Park in Windsor, Colorado near the market pavilion. The sculptor for the project, then 25-year-old local resident Weishel, whose sculpture “Follow Your Heart” is housed in front of the Windsor Fire Department followed history and his heart in creating this piece. Weishel, who is also a volunteer firefighter, combines his passion for both art and firefighting in many of his works, including “Ashes to Answers,” a national fire dog monument in downtown Washington, D.C., and this commission for WSHS, which delves into the history of capturing the daily chore of getting water.

This project was developed by WSHS to honor the Windsor-Severance pioneers who came before us. These pioneers came here with a dream, worked hard, and had the foresight to understand the importance of making water and irrigation available for farmers and who transformed Windsor into the town as we know it today. It is also a way for us to thank the many volunteers who saw the need to preserve our town’s rich cultural heritage over the years and who started this organization and the buildings and museum at Boardwalk Park.

Lead WSHS members on the “Coming Home” statue project were: Marge Straube, Sandy Brug, Sue Buxmann, & Gene Morey. We are forever thankful to them for their years of service to this organization and their commitment to seeing this project completed.