The WSHS met on Oct. 22,2018 with Gloria Gaslin, Marge Straube, Thomas Chambers, Marcie Will-Clifton, Hal Pearson, Sue Buxmann, Laura from the TOW, and Kristie Melendez.

We all miss our president Sandy Brug and wish her well.

Minutes were approved.

Treasurer’s report was given. Checking acct. $12,426.96, Savings acct.$5157.92, CD $3256.24. 2 checks were written, Smart Marketing $482.45 and Vista Works for $397.20 and 1 deposit for dues for $30.00.

Kristie reported the new web site is set up with an email address that goes directly to Sue and the paypal is set up to go directly into our checking account at the Bank of Colorado. People can pay dues, buy books and bricks with pay pal. Kailee Melandez will update with information about the statue and bricks.Sue will send Kailee 4 months of minutes to put on the site.

Sue reported that the statue large clay is finished and has been cut up for the molds. Austin will let us and the town board know when the bronzing takes place and we will be invited to watch. The second payment is due now and Eric Lucas will get that money to us to pay him. The last payment will be made at the end of the year when the statue is done and we will then turn the property over to the TOW.

The dedication may be in the next year and we will try to coordinate with the Art and Heritage programs.

Marcia reported that the artwork has been moved to Pelican Lakes Grill at Water Valley.

The next business to honor will be Manweiler family. Marcia will stop by Manweiler’s and get the date set to deliver.

Four more bricks have been sold. Sue is going to get them sent to Mark Clay and see if they can be placed in the near future.

Our new member is Cole Gerstner from Severance. Welcome to him!

Caitlin Huesser and Laura are checking to see if the Town has official ownership of the Beacons that were sent to them from the Coloradoan. She would like to get some of the older ones sent to A web site that is free to use and would be great to have the Beacons a part of.

Sue Buxmann��