The WSHS met on Oct. 23, 2017 with Sandy Brug, Thomas Chambers, Luke Bollinger, Eric Lucas, Kristie Melendez, Marge Straube, Hal Pearson, Gloria Gaslin, and Marcia Will-Clifton present.

Sandy presented the final budget for the statue, $163,420.89.

Eric approached the board with a proposal to buy the statue of the Mother to complete our statue family for a swap of our property. He asked us to get a quote from Austin. We all agreed that this was a great idea.

It was suggested we advertise our book as a Christmas present on our web site and face book for $20 + postage after Halloween. Also we will sell books at Windsor Wonderland (if it is in a warm placeJ).

Marcia suggested we think about joining forces with PHA in 2018 and recognize the 50th anniversary of the National Trails System Act along with a membership drive to get more members. Eric will talk to Wade and see if this is something the town would be interested in also.

Kristie reminded us and the town that we need to publish a brochure promoting and telling the story of our statue and museum and recognizing all of our big donors to be put in welcome centers and to be available for people coming to Windsor.

Sue had several VHS tapes and one 8 track that Sandy took to Ft. Collins to be put on discs. She did not know what was on them but they may be something we need to put with all our CD’s at the library.

We went over the by-laws and we will finish them next month.

It was requested that Elaine send us a monthly report before our meetings.

Sandy got the web-site back by paying Sitelock to clean it up. Kristie thinks that Blue Host and Sitelock may be doing this together and making money on it.


Sue Buxmann