The WSHS met on 3-26-2018 with Sandy Brug, Marge Straube, Luke Bollinger, Hal Pearson, Kristie  Melendez and Sue Buxmann.

According to the bank statement as of 3/19/2018 we have $12307.53 in checking, $5148.24 in savings, and $3243.86 in a CD. We gave the Poudre Heritage Alliance $200 donation and received $80 from Sandy for dues and donation for piece out of creamery.

Because we donated to the PHA we received two tickets and two bags of goodies. We gave them to Caitlin to use.

Eric reminded us that the creamery was once the Town of Windsor’s maintenance shop. That is a very interesting piece of the creamery’s history.

The Town will do an environmental study on the soil at the creamery before we are offered the contract. When we sell this property to the town we will have to get a PO Box for mail.

Caitlin found an old fire hose cart in the creamery and Dan Lowe from the Fire Museum took it along with a display case. Several firemen helped and also offered to help us clear out the creamery when the time comes. We will still try to do this on the first concert night June 7. Kristie suggested that we ask for donations of purchasing a membership. We have several membership choices to choose from.

Sandy and Sue did an oral history with Larry Jacoby about the Jacoby Farm. Emily from the Windsor Now listened in and wrote a great article about the farm. Larry let us scan some old pictures of the farm and Emily used them also.

The WSHS will do some articles for the Windsor Now every other month for the next year.

Marcia and Kristie will meet tomorrow to work on the art display project.

Kristie will get us the final information on the web site.

We will meet in April sometime at the creamery to assess what is in there.

Lauren Felte is the newest member of WSHS and bought a brick. Sue will get the brick list to Mark in April and hopefully get the bricks in by spring.


Sue Buxmann😊