Minutes of The Windsor-Severance Historical Society  

July 24, 2023  

The Windsor-Severance Historical Society met in person on Monday, July 24, at 10:00 a.m.  In attendance were Kristie Melendez, Sue Buxmann, Dan Meyers, Gary Martin, Laura  Browarny, and Judy Firestien.  

Call to Order – Kristie Melendez called the meeting to order at 10:05 a.m.  Monthly Reports/Approvals  

June Minutes – The Minutes from the previous meeting on June 26, 2023 were reviewed and  approved as presented.  

Treasurer’s Report – Kristie reported from the June bank statement that the balance in  checking was $6,649.27 which included an expenditure of $32.95 for domain name renewal.  The balance in savings was $14,504.57. The CD has a balance of $20,151.23 and renews at  the end of July. Kristi will check on renewal and interest rate.  

Membership Update and Status – Kristie had a current list of members with $2,400 being  collected for memberships. The cost of the mailing had been $991.11. She reviewed the  membership and added that several businesses have become members. Kristie has also  been collecting phone numbers and email addresses of those who join or renew. Pay Pal is  working again.  

Old Business  

Town and WSHS MOU – Laura had gotten confirmation on the length of the term and  language will be added to keep the agreement into perpetuity but to also possibly include  something that allows for the opportunity to review every five years and a clause allowing  either party to opt out with three-to-six month advance notice. The Society could meet at  Bethel through the end of the year and starting in January 2024, possibly try some evening  meetings and meeting at a Town provided location or even at the Severance Library in the  future. Laura would check with Caitlin on scheduling for beginning the transfer of archive  items.  

2024 WSHS Calendars – Kristie had started looking at photos for the calendar and had  found some great ones that could be used. Historic dates in Windsor could also be added.  Laura will ask staff to try to find some interesting historical dates and dates for Town events  would be included also. Dan will check with Severance also for dates to include. Kristie  hoped to have a proof ready soon to email to members for review.  

Updating Bylaws – The bylaws had been updated in 2017. Several changes to the bylaws  were discussed as related to membership levels, signatures needed at the bank, annual  membership term and dues, holding an annual meeting, election of directors and officers,  voting rights, and other items needed to fulfill the bylaws. There are no honorary  memberships on record at this time. Gary Martin was appointed as a Director. Kristie would  make these changes to the bylaws and the revised bylaws could be approved at the next  Board meeting. 

Farm Tours 2023 – Last year’s tour had gone well and it could be repeated this year. Judy  would change the date on the booklet and it could be printed locally or by the Town. Laura  had included the half-page ad in the activity guide and the buses had been reserved. Kristie  would do social media posts on Facebook. New rack cards had been printed. Two buses will  hold 24 participants. If a third bus is added, there could be 37 participants. Registration will  be set up soon. There was some additional discussion on touring dairies, Bee Family Farm,  etc. Hopefully, the “petting sheep” would be available again and pizza could be served again  for lunch.  

Severance Days and Harvest Fest partnering with American Legacy Academy – Kristie  has had 2,500 rack cards printed for handing out by students at the parades. There will be  10 to 15 kids available and five could be assigned to each side of the float to hand cards  directly to parents. Kids will need to be at least third grade or above.  

Legends and Lessons- November 5, 2:00-5:00 p.m – Kristie will get an official invitation  ready to be sent out. Three nominees are needed for the event. Possibilities might be Gene  Morey (posthumously) and Gloria Gaslin. It would also be great to have an oral history done  with Gloria.  

Windsor News – Laura mentioned they just the closed the proposals for Halfway House  landscape construction. They hope to have the landscaping done by the beginning of next  year so that they can start work on programming space outside and restoration of the  buildings in the Spring. Restoration work on the Eaton House should start next year also.  

Severance News – Dan had attended the Colorado Municipal League meetings in Denver  and brought back a lot of good information. There seems to be support for the WSHS from  the Severance Council. Severance Days is coming up. Severance will be given a  membership for their donation.  

New Business  

2023 Videos – Kristie will reach out to Ruth to see if she will do an interview with Gloria  Gaslin.  

Placement of photo and membership materials – The table and statue photo could go  back to Bank of Colorado for display or it could go to one of the businesses who recently  became members.  

Board Communication – Kristi Martin is working on making bags for the Farm Tour. There  was discussion about stickers to include also. Dan also mentioned Nick at Severance is  interested in seeing the old building on the corner become an historic center/museum.  Loveland and Commerce City have both reached out.  

Next Meeting – The next meeting will be August 28, 2023 at 10:00 a.m. The meeting was  adjourned at 11:18 a.m.  

Respectfully submitted,  

Judy Firestien, Secretary