Minutes from April 25th Meeting

The WSHS met on April 25, 2016 at the First Christian Church with Sandy Brug, Marge Straube, Hal Pearson, Gene Morey, Sue Buxmann, Kristie Melendez, and Andrew Dunahoo.

We have not heard from Poudre Heritage Alliance about our grant so we just need to wait to find out what kind of gap we will have to fill before moving forward.

We will do an exhibit at the Community Rec Center in July. We will have our statue project there, tell about our group and display retro objects for interest. We could also have a timeline of the history of Windsor or a timeline of the history of the WSHS.

Sue will take our information to the Art and Heritage Center to set up a display about the statue.

Sandy is going to check with the Secretary of State website and change our regulatory agent to Sue.

We received royalties of $116.82 on 4/4 2016 from Accadia.

The all town BBQ is June 2, 2016.

We discussed having a booth at the Windsor Harvest Festival but we definitely need to be in a different place. We also discussed being in the parade.


Sue Buxmann

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