Minutes From March 28th Meeting

The WSHS met on March 28, 2016 at the First Christian Church with Sandy Brug, Sue Buxmann, Marge Straube, Hal Pearson, Gene Morey, Kristie Melendez and guest Caitlin Heusser Museum Curator for the Town of Windsor..

The Poudre Heritage Alliance Grant was turned in on time. Sandy received a phone call from Kathleen Benedict of the Poudre Heritage Alliance complimenting us on the well written grant but stating that they do not have the amount of money to give this year and wanted to know how that will affect us. We should hear sometime in April if we will receive the grant and how much it will be for.

Sandy is going to check online and ask Andrew if there are other grants we can apply for at this time.

As of now we will wait and see if and how much money we will get from the grant and then plan our next steps.

It was suggested we put out a press release after we receive the grant and tell the public how much more we need. May is history month and that would be a good time to do this.

We would like to invite Austin to the next meeting. Caitlin suggested we put up a display with the mockette and information about the artist etc. at the Arts and Heritage Center if a time can be worked out. The display cases are temperature controlled.

We are getting questions about houses in old town Windsor from new property owners on face book. Kristie suggested they look up information on the Weld County website under Assessors.

The books have been delivered to Sue’s house and the bill was presented with taxes. Sue will call and see if they still have our tax exempt information on our account.


Sue Buxmann

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