February 22, 2016 Meeting Minutes

The WSHS met on Feb. 22, 2016 at the First Christian Church with Sandy Brug, Marge Straube, Kristie Melendez, Nick Wharton, Gene Morey, Sue Buxmann and Bonnie Steinbrecher.

The grant needs to be sent in by March 1, 2016. One electronic copy and three paper copies. Kristie volunteered to make copies at her place of business. She would not be able to bind them together.

Carrie and Sandy will have a conference call on Tues to finalize everything.

Sandy was waiting for a couple of things from Elaine. Sue will go back through the minutes to account for volunteer hours we have contributed to designing and talking about this project. We can’t count the time asking for donations.

A promissory note has been given to us from the Bank of Colorado because if we get the grant we won’t get the money until the work is done and we need to pay the bills in between that time.

Kristie suggested we do a colorful cover page with a picture of the statue. Sandy said she would be glad to do that.

Sandy, Sue and Marge went to the Poudre River Forum and made some good contacts with people.

Our letters we are writing have been temporarily put on the back burner for now. When we send them we need to include the information on the back about how different dollar amounts will be recognized and how the big dollar amounts will be specially recognized.

Pay Pal donations are not working out very well. Pay Pal takes a significant amount out of every donation and has kept our money for too long and is still keeping our money. We will have them on the web site for two more months till we can get all our money then we will take them off. We will ask people to send the donation to the Bank of Colorado or our address at 501 Ash St.

Sandy checked on the Gates Foundation who is no longer giving grants and the Rotary Club who is not giving them in Windsor.

Sandy ordered 200 of our books from Acadia. She tried to get them cheaper but it didn’t work. They will be here in four to six weeks.

We still need to work on a name for the statue but there is no hurry for that to get done.

Respectfully Submitted

Sue BuxmannJ

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