January 25th, 2016 Meeting Minutes

The WSHS met on Jan, 25, 2016 with Sandy Brug, Marge Straube, Andrew Dunehoo, Hal Pearson, Bonnie Steinbrecher, Gene Morey, Kristie Melendez and Sue Buxmann for our regular meeting.

The contract with Carrie Knight has been signed to write the grant. We will spend from $500 to $1000 for it to be written for us. Carrie was highly recommended.

Sandy had more questions for everyone on the grant. She has a conference call with Carrie scheduled and will let us know what else she needs from us. We need to be able to say what the extra money will go for if we ask for the amount we suggested. Martin Lind has agreed to write us a letter from the Eaton Ditch Co.

Hal suggested we check on Colorado Lottery Funds.

The “Can We Count on You” letter is almost complete and will be shown to Tom Prenger for his approval before they are sent.

Sandy will ask Austin about the cost of making small duplicate statues to be sold.

We received an oil check for $97.02

Our property taxes are $109.52. Our treasurer will pay this.

Andrew stated the museum buildings will be open this year during the concerts.


Sue Buxmann

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