Minutes from Meeting on November 23rd, 2015

The WSHS met on Nov. 23, 2015 at the First Christian Church with Sandy Brug, Marge Straube, Hal Pearson, Gene Morey, Bonnie Steinbrecher and Sue Buxmann present.

We worked this past week getting the forms for the grant from the Town of Windsor written and printed, budget forms, copies of tax information found and delivered before the deadline on Thurs. at noon. We will be at the Town Board meeting tonight to see if we get the $50,000.00 grant.

If we get the grant from the town we will have enough to give to Austin to lock in the price and match funds from the Poudre Alliance Grant.

The Poudre Alliance Grant is coming up at the first of the year and Sandy is going to get in touch with Carrie Knight to see if she will write it for us.

Sue went to a committee meeting for the AHSGR Memorial fund. They talked about giving us $500.00 from the Violet Stromberger memorial and maybe adding $500.00 more to it. They met Sat. the 21st and will vote on it.

Brad Hoopes would like to promote his book on our website. It was agreed to do that.

We received a message from a granddaughter of the Powers family that lived east of the Kodak entrance offering her grandmothers cookbook for our “Gala”. We will talk about that later.

Windsor Wonderland will be Dec. 5 and we will set up a table at the depot. Sue will get the pictures etc to the museum for them to set up. Andrew will put out a locked donation box.

Hal is going to contact some politicians about our statue.

Marge asked what to do with all the tapes she is storing of our interviews. They will gradually deteriorate. They have been copied on DVDS and a desktop drive so they can be thrown away.

Respectfully Sue Buxmann

Addendum: The Town Board granted us the $50000.00 on Monday Nov. 23, 2015. The AHSGR-NCC voted to give us a check for $1000.

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