Minutes from August 24th Meeting

The WSHS met on Aug 24, 2015 at the First Christian Church with Gene Morey, Bonnie Steinbrecher, Sue Buxmann, Sandy Brug, Marge Straube and Kristie Melendez present.

Marge and Kristie met with Tom Prenger of the Bank of Colorado to discuss his plans for a fund raiser for us. He would like to sponsor a “Gala” for us to raise money. Details need to be worked out as to where etc. Tentative date will be in October. The cocktail party scheduled for Sept. 24, 2015 has been cancelled. Austin and Andrew have been notified.

Sandy will check on price of ordering our book for gifts. Also check with Austin about charms representing our statue for gifts.

Hal sent us information from Carrie Knight about writing grants. We will wait until after the “Gala” to write grants. Kristie will get in touch with her to explain our plans.

We are scheduled to be in the parade and set up in the park on Labor Day.

We received an oil royalty check for $155.18.

Marge had a charge on her credit card bill for $11.88 for the website. We are not sure what this is for, Kristie will check on it.

We have a bill for the Thank You notes for $124.25.

Sandy will check the website to make sure the donor list is correct.


Sue Buxmann


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