February Meeting Minutes

The Windsor Severance Historical Society met on Feb. 24, 2015 at the Christian Church with Marge Straube, Gene Morey, Kristie Melendez, Bonnie Steinbrecher, and Andrew Dunahoo present.

The Town of Windsor has designated the Eaton house as a historical landmark. Andrew has applied for a grant through the Poudre Valley Alliance to refurbish it. Sandy has written a letter to send with the application from us.

Caitlin Heusser, from the town of Windsor, has picked up the binders from the Cullison estate. They will scan them for future reference.

The first thing our statue project needs is to have two budgets, one running for our organization and one for the statue project. We will talk to Elaine Schlouthauer about getting that done.

We will apply for a grant but it needs to be closer to the date of finishing the project. Marge and Kristie met Rebecca Shardy, a grant writer, about writing a grant for us. We need to budget about $2000 for grant writing. Sue will call Austin about getting as true approximation of the statue as possible. We will need all of the memorials amount and other donations on the budget. We will need to include how much our organization is going to give to this project.

April 2, 2015 is the beginning of the 125 years anniversary of the Town of Windsor and we will try to be a part of that to start off our campaign. June 4, 2015 will be the all town BBQ. We will set up a booth at that time with information.

Sue is going to contact some different businesses about the cost of plaques for recognizing the big donors. Smaller donors will be recognized on a board in the depot, tentatively. Letters asking for donations and thanking donors need to be written.

As of now it looks like the Town of Windsor would include the platform and lighting for the statue as part of the Park rejuvenation.

Respectfully Submitted

Sue Buxmann

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