January Meeting Minutes

The WSHS met on January 26, 2015 at the First Christian Church with Sandy Brug, Nick Wharton, Gene Morey, Bonnie Steinbrecher, Hal Pearson, Sue Buxmann, Kristie Melendez and Marge Straube.

The pickles ornaments we sold during the Christmas season gave us a bit of exposure in Windsor and Severance. We probably just broke even on them.

We will probably not have to pay taxes on our oil profits as they have not exceeded $400. We will pay our property taxes as soon as we get them.

Kristie gave us some very important information to get us started on our campaign for the art in the park. Entitled “Fulfill our WISH” as a play on WSHS. Sandy will get in touch with Andrew and get us on the agenda for the Windsor Town Board Meeting in two weeks to simply let the board know of our project and hopefully Austin will be able to show the prototype or we will simply have some pictures of it.

April 2, 2015 will be the kickoff for the 125 anniversary of the Town of Windsor. We will use this opportunity to introduce our project to the community. Bank of Colorado has offered to supply the wine and beer for the occasion. Kristie was going to talk to Jason Schaffer from Chimney Park Bistro to see if he would donate some appetizers.  We will see if we can do this at the Boardwalk Gallery. She suggested we have postcards with picture and information as an invitation.  We will send personal invitations to the event.  We should also be present for the all-town BBQ on June 4, 2015.  We need to make our presence known for this to work and attend many events. We will use face book and different websites to announce our plans and keep the community in the know.

One suggestion Kristie had for our campaign “125 for $125.00.”  125 people donating $125 would amount to $15625.00.  We need to stress that we are a nonprofit organization.

Several suggestions for identifying and recognizing different donors are….Plaque with big donor names, bricks lining the path around the statue with the names of donors. Levels of donors…Platinum $25000 and up. Gold, $10000 to $25000, Silver, $5000 to $10000, Bronze $1000 to $5000.   Maybe honorable mention????

Sandy is going to get in contact with CSU and see if we can find a student or two who would write grants for us. Carrie Knight also offered to right grants for us.

Nick is getting the town newsletter ready and will put in a paragraph reintroducing us to the Town of Severance.

The Cullison family donation is sitting on Sandy’s floor. They are in magnetic pages and are deteriorating. Sandy will call Andrew and see about donating them and having them scanned and made available to the public and us in the future.

Respectfully submitted

Sue Buxmann

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